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Infection of the Foot

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Infection of the Foot

People with diabetes, especially those with very high blood glucose levels, have poorer defence against infection. Minor cuts and abrasions to the foot that we all get from time to time can turn into infection. So protect the feet with appropriate footwear. If there is a foot ulcer, the break in skin would also make infection much more likely to occur. It is essential to distinguish between localized versus generalized foot infection because they require different intensity of treatment.


Localized foot infection is recognized by redness, heat and swelling confined to an area. Note the foot as a whole is not swollen. Oral antibiotics for a few days can usually eliminate the infection.

Many patients are hesitant to take antibiotics and many doctors are hesitant to prescribe antibiotics. However, when infection is present in the foot of a person with diabetes, antibiotic treatment is required. Many feet are lost unnecessarily due to failure to treat the infection.


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